I’m always on the hunt for exciting blogs and love it when my favourites allow you to leapfrog to their favourites and you lose yourself in a rabbit hole of people sharing their lives.


She Persisted

Written by a friend of mine from university, unashamedly feminist political analysis. Read about Northern Irish politics, particularly prescient due to questions about devolution in the UK following Brexit. You may get to say you used to read the blog of the first Northern Irish PM.


Posie Gets Cozy

Noble and Daughter

The Weaving Loom

The House That Lars Built



Chocolate Covered Katie

I’m not a fan of food-shaming by claiming there is such a thing as ‘clean’ eating and luckily neither is the charming creator of this healthy, vegan dessert blog (I can understand healthy scepticism; this seems like a contradiction in terms).

I’m a bit lazy, so will admit I’ve only made one recipe on this lovely blog, but it was amazing enough that I mention it wherever possible, even if not at all relevant to the conversation. The recipe in question is chocolate fudgsicles, made with coconut cream, cocoa powder and mashed ripe bananas (I exclude the salt, vanilla and optional sweeteners as brown bananas are plenty sweet and I don’t want to mask the bitterness of the cocoa). I can guarantee they are the creamiest popsicles you’ll ever have and taste a million times better than store bought. They are a cinch to make and I always have brown bananas in my freezer from optimistically buying too many, so you can even make a soft serve to enjoy straightaway.